Saturday, January 12, 2008


Job Hunting II

A good list of job search sites needs regular maintenance, here are three additions since our earlier post. From here on we'll post the whole updated list (with new items first) bi-monthly.

Bridgestar's mission is to support and strengthen nonprofit organizations by enhancing the flow and Effectiveness of passionate and highly skilled leaders into and within the nonprofit sector.

Commongood Careers - a nonprofit search firm that connects highly skilled, passionate individuals to organizations that are dedicated to creating positive social change. Founded by nonprofit professionals. Offers personalized, engaged support to job seekers and organizations throughout the hiring process, as well as access to a wealth of knowledge about nonprofit careers.

California Only:

Nonprofit Directions is a job listing service for the nonprofit sector, available both in print and on the web.

Nonprofit Directions is a service of the Center for Nonprofit Management, the founding partner of the Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative, a collaboration of nonprofit Management Service Organizations across the country who have combined efforts to form a new national jobs listing website.

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Sean Stannard-Stockton said...

Hi Pam, Thanks for the list. I'd like to mention that I recently launched the Tactical Philanthropy Job Board. It is new and only has five jobs posted. But over 30 applications have already been submitted and the organizations using the board are all innovative and interesting places to work.

Pam Ashlund said...

Thank you Sean, I noticed it and thought it looked new because of the few postings. Sounds like a great board coming into being. I will add it to next months list!