Monday, March 12, 2007


It was back in April, 06 that I first got "blog-itis". Finally a technology that conformed to my need. I don't know why, but I've always "choked" when I try to write; but a blog post let me capture an insight without overwhelm (after all, you can always write another post).
I started out with a copycat approach. I used my friends blog as a template. I took the easy road with Blogger. And then the fun began. I covered this journey in Birth of a Blog way back when. So today I just want to give props to the bloggers that gave me that critical guidance, resources and inspiration to get me going:

Beth Kanter's Beth's Blog
Allen Benamer's Non-Profit Tech: Confessions of an IT Director
Michelle Murrain's Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Blog
Michael Stein's Non-Profit Technology Blog

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Michael Stein said...

Pam - thanks for the mention!

Your blog has always impressed me - the quality of your writing, the importance of your subject matter, and the regularity of your posting.

I never quessed I was one of your inspirations! I'm flattered.


abenamer said...

Haha -- everyone calls me Abe but my first name is Allan. I'm blushing at the idea that I inspired anyone else to blog...especially since Beth and Michael and Deborah Finn are MY inspirations.

Michael Stein said...

Yes I thought of Alan as Abe Namer for a long time... still have to be careful whenever I type his name.

Are we all gonna be at the NTC?

Beth said...

I always see Allen's Red Avatar when I see that name.

Pam, thank you so much for the shout out. I appreciate your blog! Keep those post coming!