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Nonprofit Jobs Center, a site run by The Bridgespan Group which now has about 350 positions. That includes paid part-time and full-time jobs, plus unpaid board of directors openings.

Bridgespan also has excellent publications and tools for those interested in nonprofit leadership positions.

Commongood Careers is a search firm that places managers into nonprofit organizations. 

The Foundation Center’s Philanthropy News Digest Jobs Board, which features openings at foundations and nonprofits.

The Hunt - Tracking Down a Job in the Nonprofit Jungle


Following the old adage "write about what you know", today's focus is job hunting.

When you hit the job market you might link first of Monster or Indeed.   A better approach?  Narrow your focus - check out job sites that hone in on the nonprofit sector!

One great part of working in the nonprofit sector is how many industry specific job rags there are to choose from:

Nonprofit executive, senior management and fundraising jobs and executive searches conducted by recruiters, headhunters, and employers in the nonprofit, government, health, higher education, human rights, social services, advocacy and public sectors. A project of Action Without Borders, global clearinghouse of nonprofit resources, including jobs, internships, mailing lists, and nonprofit resources by state and country.

Opportunity NOCS
A resource for nonprofit jobs and employment opportunities.

Nonprofit Oyster
Offers job postings for meaningful career opportunities, and the ability for job seekers to post their profiles online for employers to access. They donate 5% of their profits to support nonprofits whose missions are particularly close to their hearts. 

Social Work and Social Services Jobs Online
jobs in social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, mental health, case management, employee assistance, volunteer management, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence, community development, mentoring, youth development, child welfare, developmental disabilities and all other areas of social services

Deep Sweep
a large selection of nonprofit jobs listed in one place for free. Resource linking nonprofit professionals to outstanding career opportunities.

Foundation Center/Philanthropy News Digest Job Corner
30-50 new jobs added weekly, mostly development positions, but other nonprofit jobs are posted as well. EJob Alert available.

Nonprofit Career Network
Provides job and volunteer listings, resume posting, and nonprofit directory.

Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative
A collaboration of nonprofit management centers from across the United States. One-stop source for nonprofit jobs from coast to coast. CA jobs tend to be mainly in Southern CA.

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network
Posts jobs with Bay Area nonprofit organizations, searchables by job title, position type, organization type, and/or Bay Area region.
An employment resource for the non-profit world, featuring job openings at foundations and non-profit organizations.
Employment opportunities in Nonprofit Organizations around the US. Updated daily. Includes Full time, Volunteer and Internship Opportunities. Nonprofit Career Fairs and Expos.

Human Services Career Network - United States-focused service matching professionals and employers in the social service sector. Databases of resumes and positions are available.

Nonprofit Career Network - Resource center for individuals seeking jobs in the nonprofit sector. Post your resume on-line and search a database of job listings and job fairs.

Professionals for Nonprofits
A staffing company that specializes in providing permanent and temporary staff to nonprofits. Extensive job listings.

Craigslist, Nonprofit Jobs
Bay Area based community bulletin board, that posts nonprofit job openings by city and/or country from all over the world now.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


the great lie is that it is "Civilization", it's not civilized. It's been the most blood thirsty...brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet...that is not civilization, that's the great lie...or if it does represent civilization, and if that's truly what civilization is, then the great lie is that civilization is good for us" John Trudell, on Western Civilization (in "Trudell" documentary by Heather Rae, 2006)

John Trudell was making an important point about the effectiveness of a bias when it is built right into the language. Bias embedded in language is that much harder to overcome because you need language to be able to describe the problem.

My favorite illustration? A riddle: A father and daughter are in a car accident. The father is killed and the daughter taken to the hospital. The surgeon looks at the girl and says "I can not operate on her, she is my daughter"! How can this be? (answer at bottom of post)

Why was I thinking about the intersection of linguistics and belief today? And how, oh how, am I going to segue to nonprofit financial management? Simple. I came across an online quiz: the CFO Fitness Quiz: Are You Tough Enough for the Caring Sector? on the Bridgestar website (you have to sign up, but it's free and really worth it).

Until that moment I had not thought about the juxtaposition and contradictions inherent in personality type and industry. The questions hidden in the question are these: is the nonprofit sector an easy to manage industry? does working for a caring profession imply you are a kind person? are kind people necessarily competent?

Our industry has long had to be defensive on that last point. The underbelly of the nonprofit world. If we're here because we are caring, are we also here because no one else wanted us? Have we perpetuated the problem by hiring for heart and not skill?

This issue is, of course, tied to our fears about the coming "leadership crisis" (and I don't really believe there will be one). The truth is, our industry has done a lot of growing up. Our pay scales don't always look low to me anymore; our talent is (sometimes) formidable; we mission and vision with the best of 'em; we invest in training and marketing; and we account for our dollars as good (or even far better) than our for profit equivalents.

Answer: The solution, of course, is that the surgeon is a woman.

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