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Following the old adage "write about what you know", today's focus is job hunting!

One great part of working in the nonprofit sector is how many industry specific job rags there are to choose from. If you asked me where to look I'd say (in no particular order): "Opportunity Nocs, Nonprofit Oyster, Idealist, Chronicle of Philanthropy".

But there is so much more: A project of Action Without Borders, global clearinghouse of nonprofit resources, including jobs, internships, mailing lists, and nonprofit resources by state & country.
Opportunity NOCS
A resource for nonprofit jobs and employment opportunities.
Nonprofit Oyster
Offers job postings for meaningful career opportunities, and the ability for job seekers to post their profiles online for employers to access. They donate 5% of their profits to support nonprofits whose missions are particularly close to their hearts.
Craig's List, Nonprofit Jobs
Bay Area based community bulletin board, that posts nonprofit job openings by city and/or country from all over the world now.
Social Work and Social Services Jobs Online
jobs in social work, counseling, psychology, sociology, mental health, case management, employee assistance, volunteer management, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence, community development, mentoring, youth development, child welfare, developmental disabilities and all other areas of social services

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Career Centre Job listings are geared toward professionals in the beginning of their nonprofit careers. Focus on San Francisco's Bay Area.
Nonprofit Jobs Nonprofit jobs and executive employment listings. Special e-mail lists for New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles Boston, and San Francisco

Deep Sweep
a large selection of nonprofit jobs listed in one place for free. Resource linking nonprofit professionals to outstanding career opportunities.
Foundation Center/Philanthropy News Digest Job Corner
30-50 new jobs added weekly, mostly development positions, but other nonprofit jobs are posted as well. EJob Alert available.
Nonprofit Career Network
Provides job and volunteer listings, resume posting, and nonprofit directory.
Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative
A collaboration of nonprofit management centers from across the United States . One-stop source for nonprofit jobs from coast to coast. CA jobs tend to be mainly in Southern CA .
Young Nonprofit Professionals Network
Posts jobs with Bay Area nonprofit organizations, searchables by job title, position type, organization type, and/or Bay Area region. An employment resource for the non-profit world, featuring job openings at foundations and non-profit organizations.
Access: Networking In The Public Interest-Employment opportunities in Nonprofit Organizations around the US. Updated daily. Includes Full time, Volunteer and Internship Opportunities. Nonprofit Career Fairs and Expos.

Human Services Career Network - United States-focused service matching professionals and employers in the social service sector. Databases of resumes and positions are available.
Nonprofit Career Network - Resource center for individuals seeking jobs in the nonprofit sector. Post your resume on-line and search a database of job listings and job fairs.

Professionals for Nonprofits - A staffing company that specializes in providing permanent and temporary staff to nonprofits. Extensive job listings.

Nonprofit Jobs & Executive Search - Nonprofit executive, senior management and fundraising jobs and executive searches conducted by recruiters, headhunters, and employers in the nonprofit, government, health, higher education, human rights, social services, advocacy and public sectors.
LifeWorth- Online information service about careers in progressive business, global candidate search and selection service, and seminars, workshops and publications on professional development. Only useful if looking for international jobs (UK, Dubai, Canada)
Check out the latest additions to the job search list.

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Russ Burke said...


More than your great list of job-hunter's tools, I appreciate your style and tone. Because there are so many employed in the npo sector as the "minority" wage earner. You know the drill, when the primary breadwinners move so must the minority member. And because there is an emerging movement of aging baby boomers who are looking at retirement or near retirement, and now seeing npo work as the way they'd like to do more and do it for "right" purposes. I will send all to your site.
In the meantime, may you be blessed with landing in a place that makes both your mind and heart sing.

Russ Burke
Mission Research

Pam Ashlund said...

Thank you Russ. Your sweet comment made my morning!

Cassandra said...

Thanks for you very helpful and through list. I am currently looking for a job in the nonprofit sector, but as pam states my competition has years of expereince and I have passion, which doesn't always translate on the resume. In order to help my self and others on similar job hunts I have started a similar blog, check it out I would love to link my readers to your site. And would appreciate if you could do the same.
Thank you.

rose said...

Hello this is Rose I try to know that the nonprofit job are having sure future.Can any one make future there.



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Job Descriptions said...

Simple superb Russ! You made my day..thanks a lot!

Social Services Job Descriptions

Love ( Founder YUP/ Enlive.Inn) said...

this was so great. thank you so much for writing this... you came like a gods guardian angel for me:)

god bless you!:) i am ow going to have a look at your links. thank you once again:)



takeshi007 said...

It’s the beginning of a new year, and many people are setting goals, making plans, and considering changes. If a job change is on your horizon, especially one within the nonprofit sector, it’s important not only to consider where you might find an open position, but also to take a step back to understand what your motivations are for seeking a new nonprofit role, where your skills and experiences might be most beneficial, and which roles might suit you best.

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0s0-Pa said...

I've always wondered... do people that work @ non-profit companies make a living from that? Or is it usually just people volunteering??

Nonprofit Software