Thursday, August 30, 2007


How many nonprofits are there in the U.S.?

According to the Nonprofit Quarterly, there are 1.4 million nonprofits in the U.S.

299,000 of which were 501(c) 3's over $25K and 545,000 were non-filing under $25K.

That is 845,000, NOT 1.4 million. What are the missing 568,000?

Turns out they are "other nonprofits" meaning not 501 (c) 3's.

104,000 were private foundations - 501(c) 4's and the remaining 465,000 was the 501's that weren't "3's" and "4's).

Now I was down to 299,000 nonprofits in the U.S. (the kind I usually think of as nonprofits--the human services, the charities, the arts, the education, etc. etc.)

But we're not done yet. Of the 299,000, 39,000 of them are the hospitals & health groups I was originally looking for. That leaves us with 260,000 nonprofits - not 1.4 million.

Those 39,000 hospitals (only 13% of the 299,000) spend 47% of the billions of budget dollars.

Here's the data:

Type # of nonprofits

Hospital & Health 38,633 13% 3%
Education Related 53,074 18% 4%
Social Services, Culture, all other 207,326 69% 15%
Active Filers: 299,033 100% 21%

Non-reporting (under $25K) 546,200
Total 501 (c ) 3's: 845,233

501 (c ) 4's - Private Foundations 103,880
Other nonprofits 464,595



Russ Burke said...

Hello Pam:

Great stuff, but I can't see your data (using Windows IE)?

Pam Ashlund said...

Love of data: 10
Presentation of data: Zero
Browser compatibility issue: patched up

Thanks for the heads up Russ!

Tidy Sum said...

Didn't you hear? They were teleported to Xarfon 7. on the outer limits of the crab nebula.

My daddy always told me that nonprofit data is all skewed up.

Kinda like the pond behind our trailer park when I was a kid.

There are lots of little teeny tiny fish.

Lots of dead or dying fish.

And a fair number of big fish.

And everything in between.

We should not generalize what is in the pond but we do anyway without good data.

But NCCS is on the case.

They should have a new study out soon that parses the numbers a bit better. Not much better, but at they are trying their darndest.