Monday, August 06, 2007


Many a nonprofit staffer has looked around and not liked what they saw. We've all heard the complaints, perhaps we've been the one making them. The techie's complain that our leaders "don't understand today's technology"; the accountants complain that "they're kidding themselves about the fundraiser being a success"; the program staff complain that "the performance measures are BOTH impossible to meet AND meaningless"; the staff complain that "they aren't paid enough" AND "that they don't have an adequate budget to run an effective program". We all complain that we don't have the government and public support we require.
The stats say the baby boomers are about to retire. Who will take the reigns? How will be meet the challenge our leaders leave us?

There really is no other answer, we'll have to put our money where our mouth is.

The challenge is not then, but now. Why wait? Let's learn what we need to learn, teach and share it, and lead from within. If we don't we'll have no one to blame but ourselves.

My focus? Confronting my own demons. Tonight I put it out to the universe: I will bring my best to the table and know that change can occur, truth prevails, knowledge brings light. Trite? Maybe. Essential? Yes
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Rosetta Thurman said...


I second your vow to confront your own demons. Many of the issues we complain about in the nonprofit sector can be turned around if we really got down and dirty to disrupt the norm and do something about them. Especially since the younger generation is known for wanting everything our way, right now, it's important that we put our money where our mouth is, indeed.