Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I took a break from blogging for the past few months. It was not really a summer vacation. It was just that I got the blogging blues. Because I was getting wrapped up in the Wiki-RSS-SecondLife-Web 2.0-Social Media maelstrom. I was afraid my philosophical musings couldn't compete. In short, I lost my way.

What is my way? I’m here to provide a philosophical examination of the issues underlying our nonprofit ways. Sometimes it’s accounting or compliance and yes sometimes technology or meta-tech. Unfortunately, I’m a generalist lost between the hot topics with the great "take aways". My message isn’t clear (or clear enough) and I only reach 39 unique visitors. Yes I’m RSS-able and search optimized and post regularly (at least I did for 14 consecutive months.

So why bother? Because there are things that I need to say and I’m compelled to say them. In addition, because I have found myself among a community--one that I never had before. A group of nonprofit bloggers I’m proud to be a part of.

Without further adieu here are the five bloggers with a philosophical bent that I love the most

  1. Andrew Taylor’s TheArtfulmanager
  2. The Agitator (IF that is Roger Craver and Tom Belford, does this count as two? Then I’d have to have the top 6 but that wouldn’t qualify for the “top five” carnival!)
  3. Ken Goldstein’s The Nonprofit Consultant
  4. Phil Cubeta’s Gift Hub
  5. Bao Vang’s Minnesota Council of Nonprofits blog

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phil said...

Feeling is mutual, welcome back.

Ken Goldstein said...

Thanks for the link!

I've also been a bit lax on the blogging during the summer. Both from too much "real work" and taking what other time I had to vacate, relax, and reflect.

I expect to be back to regular blogging (and blog reading) now that the summer is just about done with.

The Artful Manager said...

So glad to make the "top five". And I agree about the wonderful community of insight, innovation, and practical reflection. Welcome back to the fray.