Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Tag You're It - Nonprofit Tag Systems
by pam ashlund

I have a nonprofit tech item today. Tag's seem to be a reality of the Web 2.0 world; but I find them so difficult to use. Some widget's exist to make this easier, but even widget's might be a challenge to install for someone who just wants to throw some tags in their blog. Want to know more about widget's? follow Beth Kantor's thread on "Widget's" on Beth's Blog.

As Marnie Webb from Ext337 says:

Sure, tagging and badges already make all this possible, but possible isn’t easy. And it isn’t easy. It’s possible in an early adopter kind of way.

While I was enthusiastic about the "sharable" nature of Technorati's tags at first...I now find it cumbersome to add them. It's also odd that they're in the form of a hyperlink, meaning: 1) that I have to make a decision each time about where the link should go; and 2) a link re-directs from my site and my blog platform doesn't allow me specify "open in a new window".

Then I came across, which at least lets me tag a page with one click. I've set up a family of nonprofit related tags as follows:

to be continued...

Technorati Tags: , , , , ,


Marnie Webb said...


Marshall Kirkpatrick's nifty BlogTags bookmarklet might help you easily integrate the technorati tags into your posts (if you want to -- I find them helpful to connect to other topic areas and the folks who write about 'em).

Just drag the link to your toolbar and then enter the tags and click "OK" and you'll get the code to drop into your blog.

Hope that helps!

pam ashlund said...

Thanks Marnie, I tried it and it works! It was an interesting journey to find the bookmarklet since the link on Marshall's site wasn't live. Once found, I have the following thoughts: 1) it can't handle two-word labels, but I found I could manually fix the code; and 2) it's still a script outside of the blog. I'm looking for a Blogger specific widget that will just pop them in when I type in my labels.
None of this is too hard for me but I feel the difficulty level will never be easy enough for the non-geeks amoung us (who want to write a blog AND be found by the feed readers and search engines, but don't want to edit HTML).