Wednesday, November 08, 2006


by pam ashlund

Anybody using accounting software out there? If you do, then you've probably seen the dreaded existential question, you click post...and receive a message:

Are you sure you want to do that?

Fortunately all accountants have nerves of steel. Either that or we're just wild risk-takers (insert rim shot here). Software designers could have come up with something less unnerving, say for example "please verify your selection". Yet the best I've come across so far is a simple "are you sure?".

Since I face that "are you sure" question every time I post an entry, I've had years to get used to it, but I still crack a smile sometimes.

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, I did a search on Technorati and got this result:

There are blogs, and then there's whatever you just typed in. If it's a blog, we don't know about it. Maybe you made a typo. Or maybe it's a blog that doesn't exist. Maybe you don't exist. (In which case, please ignore this.)

Maybe Descartes got a job at technorati?


David said...

Descarte? I'd vote for Kierkegaard or Sartre with a line like that...

anonymous pedant said...

that would be nerves of steel, presumably, not theft.

pam ashlund said...

oops, better fix that before my mom (the editor) catches it!

Anonymous said...

Well, I would think that it sure beats receiving the comment "Wow, you really shouldn't have done that!!!" followed by the infamous blue screen of death and then, just for laughs, smoke starting to pour out of your hard drives.