Sunday, December 17, 2006


I get so bored with the same old nonprofit themes at the same old boring conferences and the same old boring nonprofit rags. Yawn.

If those are the yawns, the nonprofit bloggers are the antidote. Inspiration is as close as an RSS feed.

And today I came across a new (to me) voice: Where Most Needed. Written from an Operations perspective, the blog covers topics ranging from accountability, performance measurement to fraud detection.

Last week's article announced the death of nonprofit accountability in a post titled "Accountability is So Last Year". The post suggests our funders will be nudging us to "transcend" accountability next.

I've been fretting about preventing nonprofit burnout, staying off the IRS radar, how to reduce dependance on government funding...but's time to work on transcending accountability!

In California, the Nonprofit Integrity Act was only passed last January, 06, but it's time to move on folks! Seems even Accountability is yesterdays news.

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