Friday, February 22, 2008


Nonprofit Audit Toolkit: How sweet it is

When's the last time I wrote about the AICPA's Nonprofit Audit Toolkit? I came across it again this week, and it's awesome! The whole pack can be downloaded as a zip file here. It's really too good for words. You have to check it out. Among some of it's jewels are:

Audit Committee Charter Matrix Tracking Report (Whistleblowers)
Financial Expertise Conducting an Exec. Session
Sample RFP for CPA Services Issues Report from Management
Independence and Related Issues Discussions with Indp. Auditors
Peer Review of CPA Firms Evaluating Indp. Auditors
Fraud and the Audit Committee Evaluating Internal Audit Team
Hiring the Chief Audit Executive Audit Committee Self Evaluation
Hiring External Experts Single Audit Act Issues
Internal Control Resources for Audit Committees
Evaluation of the Auditors
Engagement Letter
Unique Transactions and Fin.

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Alan Strand said...

You beat me to this topic by three days! Sad to here you are putting this aside but do get the reason.