Sunday, February 25, 2007


I was so steamed I forget to include my most fundamental complaint about blogging in my last post!

I publish a post
You write me a comment
I'm notified of your comment by email
I respond to your comment

Question: How do you know I've written a response?
Answer: You don't! (unless you come back again and again until you see the reply and who has time for that????)

How could it be that in a Social-bookmarked-Wiki-Folksy-World that our most popular tool (the Blog) isn't social? ?????????????????????????????????????????????

Good, now that that is off my chest, I think I'll go listen to a podcast on podcasting!

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Kenrg said...

OH, yes! I have thought of this big of anti-logic frequently. If the commenter has left an email address, or a web site with a message link, I try to get back to them directly and not even bother with replying on-blog. But that's frequently not the case.

I also would second many of the items on your initial list as well (that Blogger's dictionary doesn't recognize "blogger", the futility of finding an audience for anything but tech-talk and porn, SEO, who has TIME for second life? Or third, or fourth? etc.).

Anonymous said...

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