Monday, September 18, 2006


Your Name Here: Creating Ways to Reach an Audience
by pam ashlund

Most folks in the entertainment industry know that they are after the 13-35 market, but what's the magic number for nonprofits? Are we trying to reach an audience to educate? to fundraise? to reach out and help? If we're advertising the services of a teen pregnancy prevention program then maybe our audience is 13-17 year olds. If it's an audience of givers then maybe it is just wealthy people in general. All I know is that if we are trying to reach today's high schoolers and we aren't completely immersing ourselves in YouTube and MySpace, then we have missed the boat.

Yes the girl in this is just doing a spoof, but it speaks for itself in terms of untapped potential:

I'm visualizing a link to an online giving page where a pull-down menu allows the donor to pick their coffee-drink giving level....Frap & Scone - $8.95....1 lb Rare Ethiopian Whole Beans - $28.50, etc.

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