Sunday, August 13, 2006


by pam ashlund

Afterward to Whistle-Blogging article

In April, a Google search found ten links to the phrase "whistle-blogging" and now (in August, 06) there are over 300. It hasn't made it to Wikipedia yet, but I bet it will be there by midnight.
By the way, none of those links were to mine, and my blog host "Blogger" is owned by Google!

My favorite? The Delaware Supreme Court Justice who basically ruled "don't sue 'em for defamation, blog 'em back". See the article .

The topic is, as one of my friends would say, "deliciously complex".

SIDEBAR - I love the Electronic Frontier Foundation! They has posted the worlds first Electronic Guide to Legal Issues for Workplace Bloggers.

SIDEBAR: blog words. Here are the ones that are new to me: (the video blog). These can be done in your car while driving (now that sounds smart!). ghostblogging - having your blog written for you and then taking the writing credit for it.

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