Monday, November 05, 2007


Reprint: originally titled "The Dearth of Nonprofit Thought" posted on NetSquared

It's time to strike up a conversation backed by sound research, philosophy and experience. How is it we don't have our own "Wall Street Journal" by now? So much of the real estate space in nonprofit rags is devoted to a) our own salaries; b) how to raise money; or c) what nifty new accounting software we should buy.

I launched the Nonprofit Eye to do my part - kickoff some discussion on real stuff, like revenue recognition, the meaning of charity, the hazards of promising too much, the oxymoron of performance outcomes, etc. etc.

Join in, viva la revolution!

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Russ Burke said...


I appreciate your commitment to essential perspectives so I invite you to consider this question.

Recently I blogged about Rober Reich's NPR piece on the roles of charity and mega-succesful nonprofit institutions as it relates to tax-deductibility. See The Dilemma of Big Dollars at .

This issue has actually surfaced before but I also note that Goldie Blumenstyk's Chronicle of Phianthropy article titled "Pressure Builds on Wealthy Colleges to Spend More of Their Assets" reports along a similar vein.

This issue incorporates right and wrong, fairness and priviledge, values and law has all the hallmarks of something that will not pass easily.

Please add your perspective. Seems clear to me that you will have something valuable to share.