Sunday, March 02, 2008


I’ve had a moment of clarity…got to watch out for those. Here’s the insight: I’m a satirist at heart. I’m not cut out for writing the dry stuff. Whenever I write something from the heart I feel my work reputation disintegrating before my eyes.

On my other blog, I write whatever I’m musing about. On both, I have not written under a pseudonym. In other words, I put myself out there. On that other blog, last week, I received a number of threatening comments. The anonymous (of course) commenter pointed out that I was pretty stupid to make it so easy to identify myself and (the scary part) where I live. Needless to say I took the pictures of the front of my building down that night. But I realized that I worked hard to create a very specific web identity and that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea…at least not under my own name.

During my job search I put all that on hold and reigned in my ramblings. The Nonprofit Eye was turning into a plain vanilla accounting and compliance reference site. What this means is it is time for a transformation but first a transition. I’ll be shutting down the “Eye” at the end of March. It’s been a good run, but it’s time to be moving on.

And then the transformation. I will reappear sometime, but not under my favorite (real) name. I’ll have to join the world of (depending on your perspective) cowards or smart people. Either way, I won’t have to edit my sharper thoughts for fear of repercussions at work; and more importantly, I will be able to say what it is I want to say, in my own voice, even if not under my own name. Hopefully some of your will recognize the reincarnated voice and continue along with me on my written journey.


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Kenrg said...

Unfortunately, I can relate to everything you said here.

On the one hand, I'm too stubborn to allow myself to be driven underground by the anonymous clowns and their empty threats, but on the other hand I know that someday the threat may not be all that empty.

Good luck, and I hope I find you again, whoever you may be then.

bs said...

we smart cowards welcome you into the fold! be a dear and let me know if any of my identifying characteristics are hanging out, will you?